Every facet of Structure Medical and the way we partner with our customers can be summed up in one word: precision. Whether you’re examining the accuracy of a prototype, reviewing our rigorous quality standards or working directly with our Structure team, it is evident that the pursuit of precision drives us every day.

We have developed protocols, in addition to our technical expertise, program management and quality systems, that have positioned Structure Medical as the supplier of choice for manufacturing complex, highly engineered spine, trauma and arthroscopic medical devices.

 Strengths Of Structure Medical:

  • Innate expertise of our management team, machinists and quality control specialists
  • Specialists in both Swiss turning and 5-axis milling
  • Commitment to investing in state-of-the-art equipment
  • Flexibility in providing prototyping, complex machining and multicomponent assemblies
  • Highly diversified range of equipment allowing for production of a broad spectrum of products, including screws, plates, instruments, tools and other medical devices
  • Production protocol utilized on all products
  • Wide range of manufacturing capabilities

We Focus On Customers

In addition to providing the most advanced manufacturing capabilities, our goal at Structure Medical is to also deliver unparalleled customer service. This involves ongoing communication with customers and proactive management of customer needs.

Program Management Includes:

  • Daily communication with customers
  • Weekly pending order reports
  • Regular analysis of ordering habits and recommendation of economical run quantities
  • Evaluation of WIP status
  • Management of OTD and quality expectations

Our Prototype-Launch-Replenishment (PLR) Business Model

Our balanced and scalable business model allows us to offer greater value for our customers. We call it Prototype - Launch - Replenishment (PLR).