Since 2004Structure Medical has been a leading manufacturer of spine, trauma and arthroscopic medical implant products used to treat problems with the musculoskeletal system. These medical devices make a profound difference in the lives of patients suffering from trauma, tumors, sports injuries, degenerative diseases and congenital conditions.

With a solid commitment to continuous improvement, along with highly advanced, cost-effective equipment, Structure Medical continues to tap into new and emerging opportunities within the medical device industry.


Structure Medical Implants uses the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes in the world to produce innovative implants for top-tier OEMs.


Structure Medical Instruments brings the same attention to detail to precision-built medical instruments. These instruments make it possible for surgeons to perform intricate procedures that shape the lives of patients with musculoskeletal injuries or disorders. 


Structure Medical Cutting Tools produces reamers, drill bits and other cutting tools that make life-changing procedures possible.

Structure Medical employs over 300 people at four facilities encompassing a total of 160,000 square feet of manufacturing and operational space, utilizing 175 CNC machines. We have proven to be fully capable of producing virtually any implant device. On a daily basis, we service many top-tier OEMs with spine and trauma products in an innovative production environment.


Structure Medical is committed to being the leader and setting the standard in technology-driven medical manufacturing. We accomplish this by applying our innate expertise and utilizing the world’s most sophisticated machining equipment. Our responsibility is to provide our customers with products true to their design that are manufactured with precision, efficiency and the highest quality standards.

Committed To Technology

Structure Medical is committed to developing and implementing the most advanced manufacturing technologies. This allows us to not only meet the changing needs of our customers, but often exceed their expectations.

Structure Medical uses full 5-axis machine protocols, featuring spindle speeds up to 43,000 rpm and incorporating laser tool management systems. We have developed proprietary holding methods for first and second operation machining, assuring the quality and accuracy to produce the most intricate designs.

Production-Level Prototypes

At Structure Medical, we are willing to commit our resources and expertise to our customers during critical prototyping stages of new product development. While other contract manufacturers shun prototype development, Structure Medical has innate expertise in helping customers bring new spine, trauma and arthroscopic products to market.

We expedite prototype development with our unique production protocol that utilizes production equipment for prototyping. By using the very same equipment that will eventually manufacture the finished device, we create a “production-level prototype.” This eliminates the typical, and costly, inconsistencies that can arise between the prototype and production phases with other manufacturers.